The weed sensor - automatic coverage of weed distribution by bi-spectral images

H. Oebel, R. Gerhards, M. Sökefeld, W. Kühbauch, R.-D. Therburg


Carrier vehicle
Carrier vehicle for image acquisition with bispectral cameras and georeferencing with DGPS
Image enhancemant
Picture improvement using a bi-spectral camera under direct solar radiation
GPS track
Storing of GPS data with automatic tracking correction
Speed Performance ha/h Sampling area in m²/ha (display window 0,02 m²) Sampling area in m²/ha (display window 0,1 m²)
5 km/h4,510,59641480206
8 km/h7,216,86026300129
10 km/h9,021,04821240103
Working width (3 cameras)9m21 m9m21 m9m21 m

Key data for image acquisition using different working widths
Bi-spectral images
Bi-spectral images in sugar beets, malt barley and maize